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Amanda Lisa Watson

Intuitive Tarot and Psychic Medium Consultant

“Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.” (Carl Jung)

“There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond and to know oneself.” (Benjamin Franklin)

I offer consultations which are intuitive and insightful to allow people to gain clarity and perspective on issues of the mind, heart, body, soul and spirit. I believe Tarot and Psychic Mediumship to be a gateway for understanding and reflecting on life in order to move forward in a positive way, as well as connecting and communicating messages from those in the spirit world.

Intuitive Tarot and Psychic Mediumship Consultations:

60 minutes - £80

45 minutes - £65

30 minutes - £50

Psychotherapy and Counselling Sessions

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All consultations are currently online via Zoom, Telephone, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

I only work with adults aged 18+.

Payment is by bank transfer 24-hours in advance of each appointment.

There is a 48-hour notice cancellation policy before fees will still be charged. 

Client Testimonials

Francesca V.

She has an incredible gift of truly understanding what is being requested as she does not just listen... she LISTENS. Amanda is so attentive that throughout my meeting I always had the feeling I didn't have to explain too much, as she already got the sense of what would have been asked beforehand. What also surprised me were the details that came through the Tarot consultation and that left me speechless, with the exact names related to persons and situations alike! I cannot even mention the number of times I had to express the word: "wow!!" for the exactness of the description. I am very thankful for her guidance, her attentiveness, her calm way to conduct the reading while explaining the symbolism behind the cards. The consultation has also left me incredibly energised right after we finished, so many thanks and grazie mille Amanda!”

Isaac M.

“It was a very informative session. I was seeking some clarity on a very difficult situation I am currently going through. Amanda not just helped me with this but also provided a very detailed reading on all aspects of my life.”

Andrew O.

“Amanda was highly in tune and insightful with the reading. She was very calming by being welcoming and personable. I would highly recommend her.”

Laura D.

“A wonderful reading. Amanda is so kind and empathetic and gave all of the information in a tangible and understandable way. All areas of my life were addressed with practical insights too. I feel more confident and trusting of myself than I have for a long time, and less daunted by the big life decisions I am making. I thoroughly recommend a reading with Amanda, and she is my first choice for any future reading I may need. Thank you very very much Amanda!”

Vincenzo A.

“Amanda is amazing. In her reading she combines tarot with psychic readings which is absolutely fabulous and makes so much sense. The reading was very helpful, accurate and presented with kindness. She is professional, attentive and provided information I required. I would definitely recommend Amanda for those who are looking for these services.” 

Olga R.

“I have had a few sessions with Amanda and in my opinion, she is s a very gifted and generous psychic medium. She not only provides space for reflection but also inspirational guidance that has proven to improve my relationships.”

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